SLK stands for Sarah-Louise Kelly and I write exceptional content & provide SEO solutions for businesses like yours.

The easiest way to sum me up is to say that I am an enthusiast. In my spare time, I am a voracious reader, a passionate (if not necessarily great) cook, a gamer, a cat lover, and a creative writer. In work, I am a meticulous search specialist and content writer. I’m so adjective I verb nouns if you know what I mean. 

I started out as a blogger. One of the original LiveJournal kids. This led to me dabbling in music journalism under the now defunct The Banter Magazine and my own site with three women I met online called Let The Music Do The Talking. In 2011, I started working for SEO Scotland, writing optimised articles for their many clients. My articles covered everything from baby scans to cupcake recipes. From there, I worked in a local community centre providing digital support before working in Scotland’s largest independent digital agency on clients such as AXA Business Insurance and Clydesdale Bank.

My experience on such high-end clients was pivotal to my career but my passion was with small businesses, creatives and the third sector. I then worked in smaller agencies on smaller businesses such as Tony Macaroni restaurants, Easyways Walking Scotland and Tinto Tapas before working in-house at MacGregor and MacDuff kiltmakers as an SEO & Content Specialist and interim Digital Marketing Manager.

I have now been working as a freelance writer and SEO specialist for over three years. Over this time, I have worked on Portobello Bookshop, Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland and many other small businesses and charities. I’ve also been working closely with Third Sector Lab on client projects covering SEO, content writing and strategy.

In July 2021, I provided SEO training to third sector businesses for free as part of Third Sector Lab’s “The Curve” training and in December 2021, I provided “Writing for the Web” training to Young Scot attendees.