What do keyword research services involve?

Keyword research is often at the core of any SEO strategy. Keywords guide the on-site content, play a key part in content strategy and can provide crucial insights into search behaviours and what people are looking for from your product. However, if you’re not experienced, it can be very daunting to undertake and comprehend. If you are experienced, it can be time-consuming and use up a lot of resource.

This is where I come in.

I have a holistic approach to keyword research that takes into consideration not just raw keyword data but searcher habits, the keywords that your competitors use, search terms on websites such as Amazon and use these to provide a thorough keyword research report.

Whether you’re starting a new website, a new campaign or even just looking to write a few blog posts, my keyword research services can help you. I can provide local, national and international keyword data as well as data on how competitive the terms are and advice on implementing them organically within your content.

I’m available for keyword research, starting at 3 hours for small content projects.

Looking for keyword research support? Get in touch with me today for a chat!