SEO Training for small businesses, charities and creatives

I appreciate how overwhelming and confusing SEO can be, especially when priorities and tactics differ from one specialist to another. With my SEO training I hope to dispel any myths you may have heard about SEO, break down the jargon and teach you how to manage your own search engine presence with considerable ease.

I have provided in-house training in past roles, have lectured at the University of Glasgow and will be providing free training to charities through Third Sector Lab in July 2021.

Starting from two hour workshops to day-long workshops, I provide bespoke training based on your needs, your knowledge gaps and your budget. You’ll leave my training sessions with a clearer idea of SEO, how to implement strategies and actionable worksheets to help you hit the ground running.

My training covers creating content with SEO in mind, conducting keyword research, understanding the Google algorithm and ensuring your technical setup is optimised for Google crawls. Suitable for anybody from absolute beginners to those who understand SEO but have specific areas they would like to know more about, my sessions are beneficial across the board.

If this sounds like something that would benefit you and your team, I would love to hear from you. Currently, all training is provided over Zoom but hopefully soon this will be extended to in-person.

Not sure of exactly what you need?

That’s fine! Not knowing where to begin is a common problem when broaching SEO but we can easily overcome this. Use the form below to enquire about training and we can arrange a free discovery sessionĀ to identify the kind of training that your team needs, how much it will cost and when it can be done.

I look forward to hearing from you!