SLK stands for Sarah-Louise Kelly and I write exceptional copy & provide SEO solutions for businesses like yours.


With creative copywriting, you can tell a story, paint a picture or explain complex concepts in simple, easily digestible terms. As an SEO specialist and a Scottish Book Trust shortlisted writer, I am the ideal choice for your copywriting needs.

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SEO Retainer

Your website is beautiful but who is finding it? Search engine optimisation ensures that the right people are seeing your website and you’re ranking above competitors. I have over 10 years of search engine optimisation experience encompassing over 40 websites.

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SEO Audit

If you're looking to improve your traffic or find yourself checking your Google rankings all too often, you would benefit from an SEO audit that comes with actionable advice. Learn about what an audit would entail, what you'd learn from it & costs.

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Keyword Research

Keyword Research is at the core of any SEO campaign. Helping to guide content, marketing strategy and even understand your customers. Learn about how my keyword research services can streamline your marketing efforts.

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Google Penalty Recovery

Google penalties and algorithm updates can drastically impact the running of a business. My recovery services can help to regain your rankings, traffic and conversions. Learn more about what I can do to help your website and your business recover.

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SEO Training

Suitable for novices and those who are more familiar with the discipline, my SEO training can help you and your team improve your search presence. Learn more about what my training involves, who I've worked with before and what I can do for you here.

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