Copywriting and Proofreading Services from a Glasgow Copywriter

I have been writing professionally for just under a decade now. In this time, I’ve worked on a vast range of websites. Cars, kilts, business insurance, mental health support – you name it, I’ve probably learned everything I could about the topic and written website content, blog posts or whitepapers on it.

Additionally, for much longer than a decade, I have been writing creatively for pleasure.  I’ve been featured in publications such as The Guardian, The List Magazine, Marbles Magazine, and indie publishing website Dear Damsels. I’ve performed spoken word in front of audiences of up to 40 people and I’ve had various long-form blogs since I was only 12!

Thanks to such a varied career, I’m not held back by structural limitations. Meta descriptions, page content, blog posts, long-form, short-form, LinkedIn posts -whatever your business needs, I can provide. Whether you’d like to collaborate on content strategy or simply provide a brief you’ve created in-house, my writing can be moulded to your needs.

All this is to say, I love writing. I love writing in challenging formats, I love bringing stories to life – be it my own for pleasure or yours for business. Additionally – I am an SEO copywriter! This means that not only can I write outstanding content, I can ensure that any keyword inclusion is completely organic.

My copywriting services are available as one-off projects, ongoing retainers or short-term project based.

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What our clients have to say


Working with Sarah-Louise is an absolute breeze. She’s a great communicator with a great attention to detail and methodical approach. I genuinely enjoy getting to work with her on projects as I know she’ll always exceed my expectations.”

Briony Cullin