Google Penalty Recovery Services

My full-time career in SEO started with a bang. Before I worked in SEO as a career, I’d written blog posts for websites and helped with optimising pages for freelance clients. I wasn’t aware that there was a far grittier side to the discipline which is Google penalty recovery services. The agency I worked in won a large, financial client but with that came the inheritance of a website that had been subject to Google penalties following black hat SEO efforts from the agency before us.

The website had lost all Google presence and rebuilding that presence, as well as recovering from the penalty was a sustained team effort. It wasn’t what I thought working in SEO would be but it was a valuable introduction to the importance of high-quality content and consistent monitoring of the health of backlinks.

This recovery took us six months all together. It was a tough six months but a period that taught me invaluable lessons on the Google algorithm, the importance of ethical SEO and, crucially, the importance of patience and perseverance when recovering from traffic and ranking dips.

Since then, I’ve helped several businesses recovery from penalties and algorithm updates.

Fortunately, black hat SEO isn’t quite as prevalent as it was before but the effects of it can still be felt by businesses who haven’t been able to quite recover their rankings and visibility.

With my Google penalty recovery services, I review the toxicity of your backlinks, the quality of your website content and I look for opportunities to improve your website in order to earn Google’s trust.

Does this sound like you? Get in touch with me today to discuss your website history, current standing and what I can do and what my Google penalty recovery services would entail for your business.

Alternatively, I offer SEO Audits for £195 which can help you identify issues with your search presence.